Tee Times & Rates

All Skill Levels  Welcome

The Mainlands Golf Course offers an assortment of tee boxes, thoughtfully curated to resonate with your unique style, with three sets of tees, blue, white, & red. With a Par of 67, stretching across 4540 yards, it beckons both newcomers and seasoned golfers alike.

Our course layout includes a symphony of hole types: 7 Par 3’s, 9 Par 4’s, and each nine adorned with a tantalizing Par 5. This orchestration ensures a well-rounded experience for all players, catering to diverse preferences and skills. Shorter hitters discover a natural affinity with our course, while long drivers find intrigue in the chance to drive the green on select par 4’s. Even the Par 5’s extend an invitation to those with strategic drives, tantalizingly hinting at the possibility of eagles.

Golf Leagues

There is a good chance that after your first experience you may want to join one of the numerous golf leagues or even start your own. With Leagues going off every weekday in season one might think it would be tough to make a tee-time.

Book a Tee-Time

We want to ensure your return experience is even better. By booking online, you’ll unlock a world of convenience and special deals. Here are some of the key benefits you can expect when reserving your tee time digitally:

Special Deals
Access special promotions and discounts available only to online bookers.

Real-Time Availability
Check current tee time availability and select the perfect slot for you.

Easy Modifications
Make changes to your reservation without needing to call or visit the golf shop.

Book anytime, anywhere, using your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

We look forward to welcoming you back for another memorable round of golf. Don’t miss our special offer on select tee times – Book now!

Green Fees & Seasonal Rates

Green Fees vary based upon a dynamic pricing model. Our green fee rates are now following a dynamic pricing model. Prices adjust – both lower and higher- in real time based upon demand, availability, course maintenance, and other factors. On peak times the rates may increase. On slower times the rates can and will be discounted. You now have the power to book a greens fee that fits both when you want to play, and how much you want to pay. Take advantage and book online now!

Seasonal Rates: Enjoy golf at its finest with seasonal rates tailored to your preferences. From Summer Rates (April 16 – October 1) to Fall Rates (November 1 – December 31) and Winter Rates (January 1 – April 15), experience the game in every season.