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Gift cards at Mainlands Golf Club are the perfect holiday gift for your favorite golfer. You can purchase them in any amount, and gift to anyone electronically.

If you would like your purchase to be a gift to be sent to the gift recipient directly, simply use their email when making the gift card purchase. All Gift Cards are an immediate dispersion via email.

Each gift card purchase creates a unique eight-digit gift card code. This code is all you need for instant redemption, and it may be presented in ANY form (print the email or simply show the email from your smartphone). Online gift card purchases generate a gift card code that you’ll receive electronically to the email associated with the purchase, and it should arrive in less than one day. Our gift cards never expire!

Mainlands is a family-owned and operated golf course that just celebrated its 50th anniversary. For years our par 67 ‘Florida Links’ style course has garnered the reputation of consistently excellent conditions at consistently affordable prices. Both discerning locals and savvy snowbirds alike, flock each year to this shorter but sweeter course in search of the Zen that golf provides.